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Wales: Chepstow, Caerphilly and Aberystwyth Castles

After we left Caerleon we backtracked west a bit to see Chepstow Castle. The hotel manager at The Roman Lodge in Caerleon had given us a list of his favorite Welsh castle’s and Chepstow was a “must see” in his opinion. Since there are over 400 castles in Wales (seriously), it might have been hard to pick…

Rochester Castle
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Rochester Castle and The 2013 Dickens Festival

Rochester is a historic Kent city we visited early on during our stay here, and the place where I saw my first castle. It was a drizzly, overcast day and much of the time my camera’s lens was fogged up with condensation but a 10th century castle is not something you easily forget. The castle in fairly…

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The Countryside Village of Woodchurch, Kent

Woodchurch is a quiet little village in central Kent that we visited one cloudy Sunday afternoon in April. It was one of the rare situations where parking was not an issue and everything to see can be walked to in a few minutes. We walked past the church, not a wooden church at all actually, but as…

Van in a field, Cameron Louisiana
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3 Years Ago on the Road: Louisiana Gulf Coast Hwy 82

A couple days ago was my birthday, and that means that time time 3 years ago we were on an extended road trip in the awesome and desolate, Louisiana Gulf Coast.

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