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Montana National Bison Range

I’ve been wanting to go to this range for years, every time we’ve passed through the area. I didn’t know much about until we went there, which is often the case, but I knew it was a must when…

featured Hiking National Park

Yosemite National Park in the Rain

There’s no doubt in my mind that Yosemite is beautiful no matter the weather, but we were perfectly satisfied with seeing it on a cloudy and occasionally rainy day. It was surprisingly cold, but light rain jackets were fine…


Flagstaff Lava Tube Hike – Lava River Cave

Just outside of Flagstaff, far into the forest, is a hole in the ground that goes on for nearly a mile. There are no exits, a lot of cold stale air, and coincidentally, enough room for adults to walk upright…

Hiking pets and travel

Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend

When it came time to move out of the cabin, we had already started planning to get a U-Haul trailer. This proved a hard decision in itself due to both the potential for snow storms that time of year,…


Fourth of July Weekend – Buckskin Gulch Day Hike

…So the weekend continued with a Utah Day Hike through one of the most dangerous canyons in the world, Buckskin Gulch…well, at least part of it. After the parade in Kanab we headed east to see Wire Pass again,…


Dog Canyon Trail, Oliver Lee State Park

We’ve been on our bikes so much lately that we haven’t done much hiking in this area. Luckily/unluckily Ross’s bike was out of commission for a weekend while we waited on a new throttle cable so we took the…

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