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Nerdy Travel Apps to Organize Better Trips

For full time travelers, smartphones have become an essential part of booking trips. In fact, 85% of people book travel activities via a mobile device. Once in a new destination, there are apps for every task, from converting currency to translating signs. The role of technology has made global travel not just a possibility for nerds, but…

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The Ultra Useful ‘MyCharge’ Portable Phone Charger

Being on the road or just out in nature all weekend, my phone is usually dead early in the day if I can’t get to a charger. It’s especially annoying when we’re on our bikes out in an area we don’t know (that’s pretty much any area) and my phone starts dying when we need it for GPS to get home.…

Hill County Air Plants
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Tent Camping in Hill County Natural Area, Texas

We woke up late this Saturday with zero plans, regretting not making any but also happy for a morning off. After lazing about for a while we decided that it was the perfect weekend to go tent camping for the first time this year. There aren’t many options in the San Antonio area for camping, and of the two that seemed…

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My toothbrush has a prepaid envelope

An inadvertent side effect of this trip has been transitioning all of our bathroom and cleaning items into cruelty free, natural products. For most things it was easy or we already used them before we left, like Green Works multi purpose cleaner and Seventh Generation dish soap, but there are definitely more things to think of than…

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New Travel Camera: Pentax K20d

I'm really into photography. It's basically the only thing I spend any large chunks of money on before the RV. Cameras, film, scanner, developing supplies, hi def monitor, lighting equipment, frames etc etc and it isn't about to end just because I live in an RV.

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