High School Sweethearts - Montana

Philipsburg Montana Encourages Nerds to Move on in!

Philipsburg is looking for a few good families. In an effort to shore-up its declining elementary school enrollment, the tiny Montana Silver Rush town (pop. 840) is putting out a formal call for its next wave of pioneers – this time the New Millennium kind. The local Rotary Club and other community leaders have launched a yearlong…

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Sleep Deprivation for a Better Tomorrow

My solution as of last night when we didn't go to sleep, is to sleep less by trying out a polyphasic sleep pattern. I read about this in Cracked magazine online, How To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness. Yes, Cracked is a satirical magazine but I actually trust their facts and love their lists of 10 quite…

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North Shore, CA Boondocking

We left the Slabs in search of better internet speeds for work and just up the road we found a place to park and work at North Shore. We ended up staying the night and plan to return after some errands in La Quinta. It was a fairly perfect spot aside from the smell of the salt…

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Rain on my Windscreen

...I've know for a long time that I wanted to be more proactive in determining the direction my life took, seeing a little further ahead and not missing turns...

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