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Nerds in a Cabin – Winter at 8,500 Feet: Durango, Colorado

For 4 our of the last 6 years on the road we’ve been staying in cabins in the winter from 5-6 months. Last winter we stayed in the 5th wheel in Asheville, North Carolina and had a pretty great time but we were missing the snow and extra space of having a cabin. We also ended up on the west side of the country this year, and coincidentally, Durango, after showing Ross’s bother Blair the area at the end of his visit. We stayed in an RV park north of town and eventually says, “hey, what the hell, we’re here, let’s look for a cabin here.”. We considered other parts of the state but several factors became an issue.

1. Would the area have good places to ride our bikes? We didn’t know the other areas well, but San Juan National Forest does.
2. Would be able to look at the cabin first? Usually no, since the places can book up for winter holidays you have to be ready to commit, and it’s hard to commit to a place you haven’t seen.
3. Is it near somewhere warm to store the 5th wheel? Anything north of Southern Colorado is not, New Mexico and Arizona are pretty close to Durango.
4. Mountains? Check.
5. Good Beer in Town? Check.
6. Can we access it by vehicle but still be really remote? Bingo (there was seriously a place we considered that was only accessible by snowmobile).

So, we ended up finding this awesome place available for long term rent, that was furnished and set up as a vacation home – but cheaper in the winter because of its remoteness. It’s about 10 miles out of town and the road to the house is steep and rough, not so bad on the bikes but in the truck it’s a doozy, and just wait til winter, we may rarely go into town. However, this will save us money for sure, and we’re right on the edge of the national forest so we can do some activities around here as well. We’ll probably ride our bikes til it gets down to the 50s during the day, then, studs on the truck and fingers crossed we can make it up and down – though we’re probably being dramatic, there are full time neighbours up here as well, just most of them don’t have an 4 ton truck (you can see some of the road to the house on our YouTube account soon).

There’s a wood stove, “theater room”, laundry room, nice kitchen, and a garage to park our bikes in. There are also some caretakers living in an apartment above the garage, but we’re not sure if they’ll actually talk to us or not. They’re a young hippie/outdorsey couple that may be even more reclusive than ourselves. It wouldn’t be half bad having people come over for beers and movies once in a while! (who ever thought we’d say that).

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