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Cabin on the Lake, Winter 2016-17

By the end of every Summer,  we look forward to a snowy cabin and stuffing a wood stove full of good smelling wood, and every winter, after a few months, we can’t wait to get back in the trailer and on the road. It’s a constant battle, like forgetting what it felt like to fall off a motorcycle for the first theme – you just keep getting back on anyway. There is definitely a payoff, but you definitely learn things as well.  This winter has been especially hard due to consistently very cold temps, colder than Colorado ever was, plus it’s always sunny there. However the cold is starting to break and it’s finally in the 30s most days. We really need to get out there and hike if we’re going to be in any shape to ride by this spring!
We don’t regret it, this area is beautiful and I have got to see old friends and new family and solidify relationahips with numerous people. I just think 6 months is too long for us to stay anywhere, especially while sitting still. However when you’re in a place like this, winter can be about 5-6 months long, which makes it hard to move the 5th wheel. In Colorado you have to also consider the mountain passes, luckily here it’s not an issue in at least a couple directions. 
It’s definitely awe inspiring here, and thanks to my new braces (yes, the dental kind ), we’re committed to the Northwest for the next 2-3 years! We’ll be roaming as far as we can, but slingshotting back every 6-8 weeks for adjustments. It’s unsure what we’ll do next winter since we won’t want to commute the 5th wheel to and from anywhere in weather Iike this, but we’ll figure something out.
We’ve never had a truly cold winter in the 5th wheel, or any of our rvs. It would be a challenge but there’s no shortage of tips out there from devoted daredevils.  
One thing I do regret so far is not getting the photos I wanted from this area, but as soon as I kick this flu I picked up at the #womensmarch, I’ll get out there. Now that the temps are better my equipment won’t fog up or freeze up and I can stand to be outside for more than 10 mins! Exciting prospect!
Here’s some pics from this winter so far. We still have abut 2 months to go so it’ll be interesting to see the change into springtime.
We have a lot of planning to do for this spring and summer. If anyone knows a great NW park with cell phone service (and wifi preferably), let us know!! 
View of the cabin frim on the lake! 

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