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Vegan Pizza Crust (that doesn’t suck)

vegan pizza dough

2.5 cups flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp bake powder
1tsp salt
1 spoon chopped garlic
Good amount of crushed red chili peppers (1/2-1tbs)
1tbs flax seed powder (egg replacer)
1 cup rice/soy milk
2tbs olive oil

Mix dry ingredients, slowly add wet and stir between each addition. I start to hand stir when the ingredients are partially mixed and press with my fist, flip, press and knead for about 2 mins until it seems evenly mixed and the dry powder is mostly gone from bowl. Oil pan with olive oil, press dough into pan (I use fists and thumbs). Baste the dough in a thin layer of olive oil and add sauce, faux cheese, etc!

We have a gas oven and it usually takes 15 mins at 400 degrees. I check it as soon as I smell it or when I get the urge to prevent any burning (no burned ones yet).

For sauce, if you are interested, we use half tomato base (usually a pasta or pizza sauce) and cut it with a spicy BBQ sauce.

The “Cheese” is usually Daiya shredded cheese, cheddar at the moment – thin layer is usually good, strong stuff.

Toppings are usually red peppers, jalapenos, red onion, pineapple chunks, garlic, cooked in olive oil and sometimes a little chili oil. Unmeat is usually Morning Star meal starters chik’n strips, sometimes “sausage”, but you can experiment with any faux meats and veggies you like.

Health, non greasey pizza can be done!




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