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Chattanooga, Tenessee

Chattanooga was the first bigger city we stayed in since New Orleans and a great example of how modern the south can be. We arrived on a Saturday morning, ready to spend the weekend exploring the town and find some good restaurants along the same line as the Bottletree in Birmingham. We arrived at Raccoon Mountain State…

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Weekend of busy fury

Saturday We started the day with Apple pie, ice cream and coffee, then headed out. Since the new trailer we’ve rented a car once but mostly use the RV for our around town car. While empty it’s great. We don’t have to worry about our things crashing around and with all the weight gone it actually drives…

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Last weekend in San Antonio

Last weekend we finally went out a bit to see some of San Antonio. We could have taken a bus but – oh so inconvenient on a Sunday, so we drove the beautiful Brougham instead! Destinations planned – Food at Green, where we had some pretty great and interesting vegantarian (vegan/vegetarian) dishes. Ross had the homemade sausage/peanut…

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Vegantarian Biscuits & Gravy

So.. I have an obsession with biscuits and gravy smothered in hot sauce. Usually the only place that can fill this craving is Cup and Saucer in Portland, Oregon. Mostly because I’m vegetarian and gravy without sausage is a rarity anywhere else.  Coming to Spokane I didn’t really consider this problem and when I started to get…

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The Fridge and The RV of Illusion

After a week without the fridge and my little ice idea working at its peak (which wasn’t bad) I finally decided to call a technician. It wasn’t easy finding someone who had gas fridge experience. Everyone kept sending me in circles “call an RV place” – “call a gas appliance place”, both being totally logical but the…

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First cooking experience

I was pretty happy when upon putting propane into the 36 year old tank and turning on the stove I did not explode. I was however disappointed that the oven didn’t seem to work with quite as much gusto as the one functioning burner. I got the pilot to light but wasn’t really sure why the rest…