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The Fridge and The RV of Illusion

After a week without the fridge and my little ice idea working at its peak (which wasn’t bad) I finally decided to call a technician. It wasn’t easy finding someone who had gas fridge experience. Everyone kept sending me in circles “call an RV place” – “call a gas appliance place”, both being totally logical but the wrong answer. While I was scouring google, Ross was checking out the local Craigslist for me, finding a guy who specifically said he works on gas fridges. I had tried Craigslist a few days earlier and after no response from the 2 people I contacted – I gave up. The guy that Ross found was in Idaho but would probably drive here for a price. I told him the situation, an old vehicle, old appliances, but given the mileage (85k) I doubt they have had more than a year of actual use throughout their life. He agreed and said to make sue the RV is level and try the electrical method again, This time letting it do its thing for a couple hours before checking it. The fridge is electrical and gas which is really nice, but the first day I was in town me and Ross did both methods with no results. Basically we were too impatient. I think both of us were expecting noise if it had been running. After I hung up, I plugged it in, felt heat soon after and then tried to level the RV (just because I work in the most backwards ways possible for every situation).

Leveling the RV was living hell. I used my iphone level for a while with no consistent results, then moved on to an actual 2 foot long brick laying level – also getting completely wack results everywhere I put it. Window sills, counters, upper storage area… me and my friend’s husband Andy (whose yard I’m camping in) could see from outside that the RV was not level… and from sleeping in it, believe me you can tell. We tried jacking it up a bit after we finally agreed on a place to level from. It only seemed to make it worse. The fridge has no shelves in it, so measuring it front to back level was no challenge but side to side I had decided wouldn’t work without removing much of my food and ice. After about 40 mins of attempts and Andy having cut large blocks of wood for me to prop my jack stands on, I gave leveling one more shot and tossed my food onto the couch. The fridge itself was level enough to believe that the process was going to happen. A website I found said it can be up to 2 degrees off in either direction, what they called interestingly “half a bubble” (because my half a bubble was more like 4 degrees). The fridge was perfect one way and just a bit off the another. This is WHILE the rest of the RV had not one straight plane that could agree with another. The RV is apparently a twisted home of mystery, an optical illusion that laughs at me while I run around it and cover my hands in jack grease. I was glad I could sit down and wait for the fridge to either get cold or not.

It never once made a noise but slowly the freezer got cold, then the fridge. This didn’t happen in a “normal” amount of time, I’d say it was at least 8 hours before I was freezing food and cooling water. I waited overnight and finally felt like I could take out my bag of ice (in the cutout 2 gallon water jug) and let it work alone. So far, its doing great. Next step – to actually try the gas process. I’m taking a day off from the fridge. I’m just glad its working at the moment.

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