Canterbury Cathedral
United Kingdom

Canterbury – City Walls, Cobblestone, Tiny Streets and Beautiful Buildings

Canterbury is a town in northeast Kent, England that nearly everyone has heard of; mostly because the famous  Canterbury Tales by Chaucer but also because of its cathedral, city walls and quaint streets and shopping. The city is centered around the giant Canterbury Cathedral, and city center is still partly surrounded by city walls, which, if you’re willing to pay US$16, you can walk around them both. The streets are cobblestone and narrow, mostly reserved for foot traffic in the center and feature both tourist shops and local gems like the Canterbury Pottery store where Ross’s mom bought a gorgeous pie plate.

Along the streets are dozens of Tudor style buildings, shops, cafe’s and a variety of restaurants and pubs. High Street was littered with tourists and street performers ranging from a single guy singing cowboy songs to a full band playing rock versions of Bob Marley songs, all inoffensively and even impressively talented.

Everywhere in Canterbury we saw interesting people and beautifully detailed buildings from ages where craftsmanship was still a major element of design. Everywhere you walk in a city like Canterbury is in the footsteps of thousands upon thousands of unknowing participants in some historic event centuries ago, probably one of my favorite things about visiting historic places is trying to imagine daily life for the people who lived there before.

The weather was nice enough to walk around with a thin coat; one of those spring days ideal for a touristy place that get’s busy during warm weather. After taking some photos and walking for a while, we found a place to sit down and have lunch.  Lady Luck, a tattoo and rock themed pub with a Sailor Jerry style girl on their sign drew my attention (not that I craved american food or culture but I just appreciate the style). We had a hearty homemade bean burger and their menu featured variety of options for vegetarians along with a few good beers and side dishes.


Canterbury Cathedral Street Performer Canterbury High Street Lady on Canterbury Street Canterbury Wall Canterbury Alleyway Canterbury Royal Museum



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