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Weekend drive to Cocodrie. LA

We left Bayou Vista at about 2 in the afternoon on Saturday with the intentions of driving down another road that ends deep in the marshlands, this time to Cocodrie. After about an hour of taking down the tarp and putting things away, we headed out on the road towards Houmas having eaten nothing as often in the case by that time in the day. It’s normally not an issue but on a traveling day, eating is more of a pain in the ass than days when we can just open the fridge and cook something. When we got to Houmas we only had about 2 hours of daylight left and ended up having to eat garden burgers at Burger King because the only other chain that has them at every single location is Denny’s and they don’t have one. We wanted something quick as well due to fleeting light and increasing clouds but after choking down the chewy, freezer-burnt
burgers and cold fries we ended up deciding to stay in Houmas for the night so we wouldn’t miss anything on the drive. After running a couple errands at Best Buy and Lowe’s, we found a Thai restaurant just across form the Walmart we planned to stay at and had some pretty great – and hot as hell – tofu Thai curries. Our waitress was friendly and asked how the tofu was since she hadn’t tried it before (she was from LA), in fact, she hadn’t tried hardly anything on the menu because by some sad cruel irony – she works at a Thai restaurant and is allergic to coconuts, peanuts (all nuts), raw vegetables and milk. She cant have Thai curry, peanut sauce or even Thai tea, all my favorites. It was sad news but we enjoyed our meals anyway, although a 4 out of 5 on the hot scale is a little too painful. The owner even came up to us after our meal to check it wasnt too hot, Ross ate all of his but I wasn’t quite as big of a bad ass.

It was only 9 when we finished out food but we headed over to Walmart anyway. We wanted to see a movie but will all the bad reviews, I’m still afraid to see The Wolfman and nothing else was playing. I love Benicio too much to watch him flop. I might still go anyway and think it’s fine. I usually don’t read reviews but I cant remember the last time a movie I wanted to see really bad had got a 20-30% approval by rotten tomatoes and paid critics.. a sad state. I suspected the effects were terrible but that rarely bothers me when a story is good – sadly the story is said to also be total crap. We decided to save money by just eating Thai and watching a movie at home. I wanted to see a large male comedian flop around like an idiot, so between what was on instant on Netflix for John Candy and Chris Farley, Beverly Hills Ninja won. Sad that I would rather watch Beverly Hills Ninja than The Wolfman but that’s how afraid I am right now.

Boondocking at Walmart almost always works out pretty great. We get left alone far in the back of the parking lot – by security, customers and other RV drivers, and we have a bathroom open 24 hours. We run the generator if we feel we need extra electricity (than our backup batteries can provide) and we can cook, run the heat and do anything that doesn’t involve running water. We even got to see some cops search a guys car right outside our front door – an unfortunately uneventful event, but nevertheless -something, and we left feeling good about our 40 year old RV as the guy in the Southwind motorhome next to us was stuck with his hood open and looking grumpy. It was also the first time we left before the other RV’s in the parking lot – and we left at 10 so we were shocked, but nevertheless we finally WON! (dork)

Cocodrie, LA
Cocodrie, LA

We drove to Cocodrie pretty much immediately, heading south on highway just barely elevated out of the swamp. The weather had managed to pull itself out of its extreemly long slump to give us a 71 degree day, humid and windy in telling of the coming storm. When we arrived in Cocodrie we were pretty impressed. We expected what was at the end of the last swamp highway, a stilted fishing town with one closed market, but instead got a stilted fishing town with a closed market AND a closed marina/restaurant/boat rental! It was actually pretty though, unlike Holly Beach and Creole. Aside from a couple nice houses, Creole had no awesome trees, fishing boats names “Big SexSea” or a bubbling outdoor pool. Cocodrie is a fisherman’s wet dream destination town as we deducted. The whole area is full of things they call “camps” which are basically rental cabanas on the water with docking, parking and of course, the pool. Said on the marina website to be the best fishing in Louisiana, while completely surrounded by swamp, several lakes and the gulf of mexico, we really couldn’t doubt it. There was even a small airport for say… boats that land on water? Men who jump onto marlins from helicopters?  Unfortunately the cabanas go for $75 and up a night or we might have rented one.  There were 2 trailers with hookups parked among the cabanas, causing us to get giddy at the thought we might be able to stay for the week, but on closer inspection – those were the only 2 empty spaces with hookups and they were probably just the “houses” the owners of the lots chose to setup. It was a really interesting town and reminded me of the town in Robin Williams Popeye, although much smaller of course. Anyway, Ross decided to take a look at the bushings and try to tape them into place, so me and Chena walked around and took photos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many little skeletons stacked in one place as I did in the mountains of oyster shells in Cocodrie.

Chena on the oyster mounds
Chena on the oyster mounds

We left disappointed that we couldnt stay and made it into New Orleans about 5:30pm. We drove around the French Quarter till after 6:30pm, the biggest vehicle on those narrow streets, and checked into camp just after 7. More on that tomorrow!

I’ll post some more photos tomorrow when I have better internet. night!

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