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Truckers are Awesome

We drove all the way to a truck-stop in Coachella from North Shore for a shower and some ice to find out that showers are $10 a person! Not willing to pay that we were walking out of the place talking about other ways to take showers later, having to put it off a day most likely (it had only been a day anyway so it wasn’t that bad) and as we left a man yells to us “You guys wanted a shower?”. I said “yeah! and started walking towards him thinking he was holding a door for us maybe. Even nicer, he gave us a voucher! Apparently trucking companies give their truckers points to use for things like showers and wifi at truck-stops and if they have plenty, they might even give them to people like us! While he explained how it worked he said “if you guys need 2, just tell the cashier you want a team shower”. We were ecstatic and practically skipped to the cashier (well I did). We had just been given $20 in shower money. The shower rooms were quite nice actually and even came with towels and soap (which I didn’t use but did appreciate).

So there you have it. So far truckers have been willing to help us with mechanical issues as well as hygienic issues and we love them (except my gun running trucker uncle).

Free Showers!!!!
Free Showers!!!!

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