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On the Road Anxiety

We are in our last week at at the cabin and all I can think about is getting back into the trailer and on the road. I love the cabin, Breckenridge and every part of Colorado we’ve seen, but there is always something about traveling that I can’t resist. I like having all the space in the cabin, a yard to potentially work in, a wood stove and a familiar place for Susa to go outside and not get spooked or lost for once, but ultimately, I think 7 months here has been enough.

As soon as the snow started to melt I’ve wanted to leave. The cabin was our winter home where we were to have a long epic winter with deep snow, skiing, low weather/deep snow hikes and the woodstove going from dusk to dawn, so when the winter ended, so did the point of being here.

I know there is 1000 things to do here in the spring and summer but my mind has already been resigned to “winter home” and what we want out of our summer we can get somewhere else, almost anywhere else. We only really require warm enough weather so sit outside and work and beautiful places to hike (a good rv park isn’t bad either). This country has so many gorgeous places to see, hike and photograph, so many little towns to discover, so many different people from one state to the next that staying in one place seems like such a waste. A person could literally travel the US all their lives and never stop discovering, if they were actually interested in doing so. If you drive past a little town with 100 year old buildings, riddled with mining shacks and go “meh” or think that every trail looks the same, you might have a hard time traveling full time.

For me, going to the same restaurant, coffee shop or trails over and over again gets old sooner than it should, and generally I don’t feel the need to have the familiar around me, people or places, so I don’t miss anything much when I travel which I think is one thing that holds people back from doing it. Me family lived in 30 houses and I went to 12 schools by the time I was 18 so I imagine that is why, as I never know the same people for very long and always had to adapt to a new house, new environments, all the time. When I was younger I just wanted to stay in one school, have friends for more than a year and maybe settle in somewhere but as I grew older and tried settling down I found it boring and ultimately depressing (my choice of place being a big reason – Portland) and my travel anxiety was bottling up.

Now we are getting back out there, belonging to the road, living in RV parks with no “home base” (that’s a great feeling to me) and I anticipate a great Summer of showing Ross some of the places I saw or lived near as a kid, Yellowstone, Glacier, Makoshika, Libby and eventually the Badlands of South Dakota. We anticipate difficulties finding internet for work in the desolate state of Montana at times, but it will be worth it.

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