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Labor Day Weekend Shut-in

Considering I’m officially living in the style most people vacation in, it may seem odd that the first holiday weekend since this began – I’m not staying in the RV. Some friends of mine in Spokane, people I have known since I was 16, left for the weekend to play at the Tumbleweed Music Festival in Richland Washington and needed a house/dog sitter to stay in their amazing classic 3 story house.
Their group is The Blue Ribbon Tea Company. I’ve seen them play a couple times in Spokane and Portland, had their latest CD for quite a while and often get their songs stuck in my head. I was sorry to miss their show in Richland but happy to help them out. Members Kathy, Bill and their son Shawn Kostelec have been coordinating, writing and/or playing together since 2000. Their lyrics and style are steeped in social commentary and fall into the folk, folk/rock, or blues categories.. and well, they’re pretty good at what they do. Before they left Saturday morning, I got to watch them practice their set using my iPhone stop watch to time themselves (attempting to fit their songs into the 45 minute slot the festival gave them).

House sitting has been pretty good. They have 2 dogs that pretty much just lay around all day. One is just a few years old and the other is about 80 in dog years. They go out pretty regularly, usually just walking around the yard, but since Chena is here as well – the occasional walk. Buddy the younger one is a bigger stronger dog that I think I could usually handle were I not injured still from my fall (onto my tailbone). Sometimes he pulls a little hard and makes me run before I can slow him down, Something I discovered I cant really do at the moment. I spent the night on the icepack after Buddy had a through the fence fight with a neighbour dog and I tripped over Chena (poor Chena) but overall they’ve been pretty easy to handle. Lazarus, the older one, just wanders the open yard by herself and barks at the door when shes through.

I got allot of work done for other people but not as much as I’d hoped for myself. Several graphic design and SEO things for www.shopadorn.com, updates on my latest photo exhibit at the Adorn store in Portland this month and of course some updates and maintenance for Nerds on the Road!

Today they get to see an Ansel Adams exhibit, I’m jealous.
You can listen to some of their songs here or even by their cds here

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