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I paid $5 freakin dollas for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and $3 for this. Holy cow old people are Awesome!
This is what I’ve been up to most the time (photo). I don’t get out much here in Spokane. Working away, researching comfortable RV life and doing the renovations – but slowly I’m getting out more.

Friday I went to the Gonzaga University Jundt Museum to see the Ruben Trejo Day of the Dead alter (he passed away recently). He was a local iron artist and an all around eccentric guy. My friends who I house sat for had been neighbours for years and took me to see the alter while it was still up. While at the museum we also saw the display for the art of a former nun gone political, Sister Corita.
This is my favorite thing of hers that I saw.

Sister Corita
Sister Corita

Last night I went to the birthday BBQ for my oldest friend’s kid Exli who turned 8.  I got him a Wreck This Journal, basically a super goofy activity book for adults – a way to be creative and silly. It has things like, “use this page as a napkin”, “spit coffee all over this page”, “write something in glitter on this page” and “make a paper plane with this page”. Its pretty great and totally kid appropriate. Something him and his mom can do together.

After we went to a BBQ at Jesse, the bother of my long time friend Ash’s. I went to high school here so I didn’t really know anyone but many of the people there looked oddly familiar.

Today me Kathy and Bill went to listen to a poetry reading at Aunties bookstore. Zan Agzigian, Victor Charlo & April Charlo read from the books Good Enough by Victor, Stamen and Whirlwind by Zan and several of Victors poems translated into Salish (Flathead native language) by April, Victor’s daughter. It was pretty cool to hear about Aprils endeavor to be fluent in and teach Salish on her reservation. It’s an interesting language not anything like other native languages I’ve heard, full of wispery sounds and hard vowels, pretty great.

Tomorrow the plan is to take a photo walk with Ash to the places we used to haunt in highschool. Finally out with the cameras!

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