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Going in Circles

So its as hard as you would imagine to live on the road while avoiding expensive RV parks. We had to leave Slab City due to cell reception = ability to work. It was a sad decision. Slab city could have been our new home for a couple weeks. We could have our own little plot of land with the tent set up and Chena roaming free in the desert, playing with other dogs, but alas we wouldn’t be nerds on the road if we weren’t working.

We left Sunday night in search of new possibilities and headed north towards Joshua Tree. We drove late into the night, ending up in Yucca Valley to be greeted by mountains and near freezing temperatures. After checking weather in any of the places nearby we could potentially go, we saw that California is by no means a warm place by default. We stayed at the Walmart in Yucca Valley for 2 nights, the second of which while charging the generator outside (chained thanks to Justin’s advice in the slabs), we were stalked by a white car – first right next to the RV on the generator side, then from behind. We may have been paranoid but we brought the generator inside anyway. The fumes were minor compared to the cost of having it stolen. We woke in the morning with our 5 gallon gas tank missing anyway but better than the alternative. It had been strapped to the back shelf with bungees, along with a tent, rug and 3 padlocked Tupperware’s full of things – a deterrent for some but not for most apparently. The first thing we did on our way out of town – initially with Blyth in mind (on the border of Arizona), was stop at Home Depot and buy 14feet of heavy duty chain to strap our belongings in right.

While on the way to Blythe, a journey that required we go west before east to get around the Joshua Tree National Forest, we changed our minds on a destination after I realized we hadn’t spent time in Death Valley like we’d hoped. We continued on west then north towards Barstow. We made it to Victorville when we decided we were tired. We found a great regional park,the Mojave Narrows, that had 80 RV spots. It was no cheaper than the rest of the state or regional parks but we didn’t care at the time. Sadly we spent half an hour navigating there to find that the park closed at 6 and must have stopped its RV season for winter. We checked more temperatures and parks in the area, all the way to Barstow, and found it was freezing at night – high elevation, and all the parks were expensive our out of cell phone range in canyons or on mountains.
By then after the Majove failure it was nearly 1am. We were tired, dirty and needed a good rest. We statyed at a motel 6. I know.. what freakin cheats huh. It was that or Walmart in Victorville, while after having our tank stolen in Yucca Valley and seeing the Food 4 Less in Victorville (dump of the century) – we didnt care to look anymore.

After checkout, noon, we decided we wanted to be warm and that was important. The best option we could come up with was to go south, all the way to Mexico – then east. Yes I’ll be missing Death Valley but its still a long ways north and we cant work there. As much as a pain as it is to have our work direct where we go I know we can still have a good time and see great things. The weekends are still free range as far as being offline and once we get a second truck in tow we will have all we need.

At the moment we are at a Big O Tired in Rancho Cucamonga getting new shocks – badly needed – and a brake check. So far they say the brakes are fine and the shocks are original on the back. Thats nearly 40 year old shocks! No wonder we nearly fall apart going down the road.

So tonight its Walmart in Santa Ana, then to my friend Lisa’s tomorrow to see her new setup and say goodbye for a while. Hopefully only straight lines from here!

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