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The Ultra Useful ‘MyCharge’ Portable Phone Charger


Being on the road or just out in nature all weekend, my phone is usually dead early in the day if I can’t get to a charger. It’s especially annoying when we’re on our bikes out in an area we don’t know (that’s pretty much any area) and my phone starts dying when we need it for GPS to get home. I had a phone charger I bought about a year ago but it weighs about 4 times more than my phone and is 3 times as thick, not good for carrying around or fitting in tight places, which is why I like my new MyCharge RazorMax Charger so much more.

It’s about the same size as my phone, and pretty much the same weight, so when it’s in my purse it’s not bukly and I can easily carry it in my hoodie, coat or back pocket. I even found the perfect place for it on my bike, nestled right between the plastic headlight fairing and my instrument panel. The first time I did that, we were on about the bumpiest ride we’d been on our bikes and it stayed put. After I started hitting puddles, I put it away to keep it from getting wet. Next time I’ll bring my StreamTrail Dry Comfort Explorer bag that I bought for my phone (which is clipped in nicely in my Ram Mount). Our bike toys are piling up.


On the road we often have devices plugged into the truck everywhere, one for GPS, one for XM radio, another often charging my camera battery or tablet… so it’s super handy having this little guy around.  On long hikes or after forgetting to plug it in for the night, it’s nice to have it for my morning dog walk where I often check most my mail from the night before.


20150428_103830I recommend them mainly because I get so much use out of it, and it has ports for 2 phones or tablets at the same time, though I haven’t tried it on 2 devices yet. It maintains my charge all day long and if we’re boondocking somewhere. It seems to last for a good week of my using it here and there, and maybe consistently for an hour or so, before I need to charge the block itself. I haven’t tried it on my tablet yet, but I plan to get a lot of use out of this for as long as I don’t drop it down a cliff or wreck my bike with it!

 Very handy little gagdet indeed!

Crafted from anodized aluminum, the 6000mAh RazorMax delivers an extra 27 hours talk time for your smartphone. This powerbank comes equipped with 2 USB ports and is perfect for charging two devices at once. With a 2.4A output, the RazorMax portable charger is great for charging tablets and other power thirsty devices.


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