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5 Ways to Stay Safer When You Travel

Everybody wants to give travelers their safety tips and as annoying as they may seem, the tips are well-meaning. Some safety tips seem like common sense, though you can never be too sure about how that common sense is going to translate into action.

Waiting for the bus1. Do not be that tourist who sticks out like a sore thumb. This means that you do not need everybody else around you to know that you are a tourist. If you pull out your map or bus schedule, unfold it and stand on the street corner in your fanny pack around your waist, you might as well be holding up a sign that says, “I am a tourist!” Learn how to be discreet in action, dress and behavior. This will help to deter pickpockets and other shady individuals who might have been considering targeting you. Learn your route and bus schedule ahead of time, or put it on your phone so that only you can see it.

2. Even though you might feel safe enough in your hotel room, do not let your guard down. It might be your home base, but intruders may still find a way in. If you hear a knock at the door, do not answer it blindly. Go to the door, phone in hand, and call the front desk if the person at the door claims to be an unsolicited employee of the business. In addition, never rent a room that does not have at least two locks on the door and a card key.

3. Knowledge is power. Do not let your lack of information impair you and your interactions. You should learn everything possible about your destination before you even leave, from local customs to key phrases in the local language. You should understand appropriate dress for locals and what to do in case of an emergency.

4. Public transportation is a great way to get around town on your vacation, but this is one of the places people are most likely to run into trouble. On a bus, tram or train, you should stay near the driver. If you opt to take a taxi cab, only use those that are licensed. Unmarked cars can be dangerous.

5. Take note of the conditions of food and drink around your destination. Make sure that you are aware of the quality of water around you, and if there is any question about it, drink bottled water. Sometimes it is not fellow man that is the culprit, but biology and geography. If a food establishment looks shady, avoid going there. The same applies to hotels. If you go out to eat, ensure that every bit of meat is well cooked and every dairy product has been pasteurized. If you are not sure, take the safe route. Carry around an alcohol hand gel so that you can clean your hands anytime you want.

Ultimately, you should always trust your instincts. If something does not seem right, you should avoid it. Just be aware of your surroundings and of any potential dangers.


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