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Tent Camping in Kaibab National Forest

We’ve done this before, but last summer. It was hotter, closer to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and we were with Ross’s brother, Blair. Both times we brought the bike but this time we planned to spend a little more time on them. We found out while already on our way that the North Rim…

Arizona dualsport Tent Camping

Kaibab National Forest Ride – March 2016

So last weekend we went camping in Kaibab National Forest. As usual, we’re not very good at planning despite traveling full time, so we get about an hour into the drive towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to find out that Hwy 67 is closed for the season (still). That’s the highway that goes to…

dualsport Tent Camping

Camping at the Grand Canyon, North Rim, June 2015

We had wanted to have at least a couple tent camping trips with Blair and our bikes over the summer and camping at the Grand Canyon has definitely been a goal for us. We loved the North Rim when we visited a few summers ago, when we were staying in Kanab, Utah. It’s quieter than the South…

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Tent Camping in Hill County Natural Area, Texas

We woke up late this Saturday with zero plans, regretting not making any but also happy for a morning off. After lazing about for a while we decided that it was the perfect weekend to go tent camping for the first time this year. There aren’t many options in the San Antonio area for camping, and of the two that seemed…