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Memphis, Puppies, Elvis and Delicious Food

We stayed in Southaven, Mississippi, just a few miles south of Graceland. Southaven wasn’t much to speak of, suburban sprawl and every chain business you could possibly need. Everything was fairly new, including most the roads, some of which led to housing developments that didn’t yet exist, but luckily we were just a short drive from Holly Springs National Forest,…

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The Great Smoky Mountains, Valentine’s Day 2015

With no telling how long till we return to this part of the county, we decided to make one last visit to Smoky Mountain National Park. Winter storm Octavia had just snowed over much of the area but most of the roads were still open and we looked forward to seeing some frozen mountain scenes. We took the south entrance through Cherokee,…

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Raccoon Mountain Cave Crawl, Bump, Slide & Climb

We were in Chattanooga sometime last year, at this exact campground, Raccoon Mountain Campground, and managed to convince ourselves not to take the cave tour. Partly because we don’t like group guided tours, but mostly because we are cheap. We spend enough money on traveling and bills, and there are so many free things to do, hiking,…

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Chattanooga, Tenessee

Chattanooga was the first bigger city we stayed in since New Orleans and a great example of how modern the south can be. We arrived on a Saturday morning, ready to spend the weekend exploring the town and find some good restaurants along the same line as the Bottletree in Birmingham. We arrived at Raccoon Mountain State…