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Montana National Bison Range

I’ve been wanting to go to this range for years, every time we’ve passed through the area. I didn’t know much about until we went there, which is often the case, but I knew it was a must when I read reviews where people saw of course bison, but also bear, bull elk, mountain lions, bighorn sheep,…


Nerdy History Vacations – 5 of the Best!

If you’re a history fiend then taking a vacation that combines your love of anything to do with the past with sightseeing has got to be the ultimate, right? Well read on, because we’ve put together five of the best destinations to head to if that’s what you’re after – so whether it’s paying a visit to…

RV Parks

Whitefish RV Park – Whitefish Montana

Whitefish RV Park is an odd little place hidden behind a highway Motel and Army Surplus store, and about a mile from downtown Whitefish. Once you make sure not to miss the sign you’ll find the place anywhere from impossible to navigate due to people’s random parking to tolerably navigable but asking people to move their cars once…

Blue Mountain Lookout Tower
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Blue Mountain Lookout Tower – Libby Montana

Long before we decided to come to Libby, I was drawn to return to Blue Mountain Lookout Tower. My mom worked at the tower for a couple summers when I was a kid  (20 years ago this summer), and I had gone up to stay a week or 2 at some point during that time. It was…

Kayaking in Missoula
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Missoula Is a Fine City Indeed

Missoula is a small Montana city, but in its way, very much a modern city.  I didn’t expect to see much of the modern world this summer. I lived in Montana from age 10 to almost 16 and remember the places I lived being pretty in the dark, strongly religious, and having almost a complete lack of…

Dirty Shame Saloon - Yaak , Montana
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Libby, Koocanusa, Yaak and Yaak River Tavern

I don’t usually write blogs about the first 6 days in a place, because normally we are working 5 of those days, but I used to live in Libby for a few years when I was a kid and it has a different meaning to me than most places we’ve been. I’m also mostly laid up in…