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Whitefish RV Park – Whitefish Montana

Whitefish RV Park is an odd little place hidden behind a highway Motel and Army Surplus store, and about a mile from downtown Whitefish. Once you make sure not to miss the sign you’ll find the place anywhere from impossible to navigate due to people’s random parking to tolerably navigable but asking people to move their cars once in a while should be no surprise to regular travelers. Parking the trailer wasn’t as bad as it looked at first, the spaces were fairly wide, well angled and long enough. I’m always surprised by some of the places we’ve gotten our trailer into.

When the place is full or even nearly full it looks like an RV dealership. The places are quite close together but we did have enough room for our truck to park in front of the trailer at an angle. We also had room to put out our large mat and awning, which is more than you can hope for at some places. Luckily because we were staying a month and it was getting towards the end of the season for Glacier tourists. After a couple weeks the place was pretty empty and quiet.  Because we were staying so long, the owner gave us a spot near the back of the park where our trailer was backed up to a fenced off private forest lot. Every couple of days we would see a doe and her fawn or a young buck traveling through it, and the trees were full of squirrels and singing birds, which made the stay a little nicer.

The internet was mainly terrible though got a lot better when the days got cooler and park emptier.

I would say, if anyone staying in the area does not need internet, there are a ton of places near Hungry Horse and Colombia Falls that are a little more rural, have larger spots and aren’t too far from town. Whitefish RV Park is good if you want to be central, and don’t plan to spend much time hanging out in your RV spot.

Caterpillar at Whitefish RV Park


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