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Cypress Lake RV Resort, Louisiana

When we left Baton Rouge with the intention of swampier waters, we ended up where we are now, pretty much in the middle of Southern Louisiana just outside of Morgan City. We found a place called Cypress Lake RV Resort, a resort with its own lake, own rental boats and the most amazing bathrooms and laundry room we have ever seen. Those may not seem like very important things but they are so important when you depend on them several times a day. If it were possible, I would like to take them with me everywhere we go – or at least a picture to hang up at the bathrooms to come.

All the buildings here are practically new looking, cabin style, with unpainted red wood, painted concrete floors and cushy rubber mats everywhere. Clean showers with closing frosted doors, rather than the usual nasty plastic shower curtain that touches you while you shower ( in an attempt to make you barf) – and even a separate door to give you privacy and space to change (some seriously make you change inside the shower or out in the open bathroom). Lots of toilet paper and paper towels, rather than hand dryers that don’t work or nothing at all to dry your hands on (let alone soap to wash your hands with).  The laundry room has nice new machines that don’t smell like pee, a big HDTV with Satellite, a DVD machine (currently unplugged for some reason), a soap dispenser and a change machine. Best of all, we are practically the only ones using the bathrooms as usual so there’s no awkward bathroom moments with strangers.

There are about 20 trailers here, ours the oldest I think (as usual) and we haven’t really seen anyone except this one horrible man who leaves his dog outside in a kennel, rain or shine.The lady who works here is nice and there’s lots of stuff to walk to nearby, a Casino with a restaurant, a Gas station for snacks, every fast food chain you don’t want to eat at, one Mexican restaurant, a Rite Aid, a movie theater and a few mechanics and parts stores.

On top of being superior to any place we’ve stayed so far, It’s also one of the cheapest places we’ve stayed at only $135 a week. They also have a heated pool (when its not as cold as it is) and rent peddle boats, canoes and golf carts on an hourly or daily rate and even though its a little too cold to use them, the option is pretty nice. If we ever get a chance before we leave, we hope to get out on the water at least once.

Therefore, even though it’s nearly Mardi Gras, we are staying another week because this we will miss places like this dearly when we leave because most of the places to come are going to be pieces of crap.

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  • Kat

    You’re not spending tons on gas if you’re staying places for a week or 2 at a time and rent for apartments in most cities/towns is allot more than $120 a week (plus utilities+internet+cable). Even when we do drive – its not like we’re driving 1000 miles every time we move.. more like 300-500. If we were driving across 2 states in a weekend, yeah more spendy, but that doesnt happen. Plus you save for the next driving spurt when you only pay $120 a week for rent and its still less than most peoples gas money to drive to work in a month.
    We stock up on food and walk or ride our bikes to places to eat out or see a movie, we also don’t smoke, hardly ever drink and don’t have utilities or most bills the average person does.
    So, its actually way cheaper than most people’s lives by far.

  • Danny (bodycoach2)

    For the people who complain about high taxes, I’ve always said there is a perfectly workable alternative: Make Less Money! If you don’t need to make more, why bother. Gives you time to enjoy life.

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