Truck and trailer at Tiger Run
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Back at Tiger Run

We spent all weekend cleaning the trailer inside and out (cleaning, re-caulking, detailing, fixing things that bug us, reorganizing everything) and moving all our things in small loads. Luckily we got Monday off after the grueling weekend, moving the last of our things in the evening, and Tuesday we finished up and moved the trailer back to Tiger Run. This is our third time at the strangely sterile, concrete and green grass RV park here in Breckenridge and probably our last.

Wednesday was to be the really painful day, where we would have to clean the cabin well enough to pass is off as a vacation home again. I hadn’t cleaned the cabin in a while, just minor cleaning in anticipation of the move. I knew I would be vacuuming everything in the house, from pillows to cushions to couches, to crevasses, trying to get rid of every single piece of cat hair. We went over around 10am, taking our computers with us, but I never turned mine on. I couldn’t wait to get the job done and have the whole thing over with. We actually finished everything that we could think of by around 2:30; Apparently cleaning a house is easier and quicker than cleaning a trailer. The trailer has so many details, spaces, gaps, cabinets, each one full of dust and hair…a winter’s worth of dirt. Now that all the worse parts are over, and the trailer is moved, we just have the deposit on the cabin to sort out.

Truck and trailer at Tiger Run

My only plan for the evening, after cleaning the cabin and a full weekend of cleaning and lifting things, was to sit in a hot tub at Tiger Run for at least an hour – but the locker rooms, and therefore the pool and hot tubs, were closed and will be for another day or so. The trailer hot water heater is only good for about a 5 minute shower ( I timed it) so there will be no muscle relief there. Time for an Aleve and an ice pack.

1. Meet ex-landlords tomorrow (?)
2. Leave town Saturday morning!!!

Wide angle view inside the trailer
Wide angle view inside the trailer (cell phone)


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