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Summer in the PNW: Part 2 – Kettle Falls

It was a Monday when we left Bonners Ferry, arriving around 2pm in Kettle Falls. Tired and still feeling a bit frustrated about our new dent in the truck bed and our choice of RV parks, but we were somewhere. Normally we would just spend all night driving away from an area if all the options were…

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Summer in the PNW: Bend to Bonners Ferry

We heard about the existence of Republic, Washington while chatting with my aunt and uncle, who until recently I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years. My youngest cousin, of their kids, was living there and working as a border patrol agent. It’s about a 3 hour drive to Priest River, Idaho where his parents lived but how…

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Angels Camp RV Park and Surrounding Area

Angel’s Camp RV Park is a great little place just on the edge of the Sierra Mountain town of, you guessed it, Angel’s Camp, however its proximity to tons of great little towns and sites is the real draw – unless of course you’re really into frog jumping because Angel’s Camp is the home of the jumping frog! An interesting…

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Page Lake Powell Campground

In preparation of leaving the cabin, we took a little weekend trip to Page with some of our smaller stuff. For the final trip, the truck was reserved for pets and motorcycles. We had considered the option of getting a Uhaul trailer so we could take everything at once, but between the rogue Colorado weather, still icy hill…

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Whitefish RV Park – Whitefish Montana

Whitefish RV Park is an odd little place hidden behind a highway Motel and Army Surplus store, and about a mile from downtown Whitefish. Once you make sure not to miss the sign you’ll find the place anywhere from impossible to navigate due to people’s random parking to tolerably navigable but asking people to move their cars once…

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Missoula Montana – Our first taste of Summer

When we first arrived in Missoula, driving through it from the east side of town, we were impressed. The entire drive on the 90 had been beautiful. Ranches with horses, old abandoned railroad tracks and bridges, and some geological phenomenons good enough to be in Yellowstone. The town itself we could see was tree filled and riddled…

Truck and trailer at Tiger Run
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Back at Tiger Run

We spent all weekend cleaning the trailer inside and out (cleaning, re-caulking, detailing, fixing things that bug us, reorganizing everything) and moving all our things in small loads. Luckily we got Monday off after the grueling weekend, moving the last of our things in the evening, and Tuesday we finished up and moved the trailer back to…

Somewhere in East Kansas
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Since we’ve been gone…From Illinois to Dodge City to Breckenridge

We decided randomly, in the last couple months sometime, that we wanted to try the snowy cabin thing again. We decided, or I suggested, Wyoming, since we spent plenty of time in the South/Appalachians/Smokys in the last year already and were itching to get out of the midwest, east and south, and back to places where the…