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Winter Camping: 1 Week in the Trailer (Feels like 2 in the Cabin)

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We recently had to vacate the cabin for a week to accommodate some pre scheduled guests. We have known for 4 months but that didn’t make the moving any easier. We started moving things in about a week ahead of time but due to the cold temperatures, there were many things we didn’t want out there yet. Mostly electronics and craft supplies, which is honestly more than half our possessions. The weekend before we were to leave, Ross started to work on taking off the enormous trailer cover to find a thick layer of ice covering nearly the entire roof. After hours of slowly chipping away at it, without damaging the roof or cover, he was able to remove it and attempt to melt the remaining chunks.Ice on the Trailer cover

We left the following  Tuesday afternoon and headed just a mile up the road to Tiger Run RV Resort where we stayed before moving into the cabin. Since my recent neck injury skiing, taking loads and loads of things to the trailer caught up with me quick and with the trailer already being not such a comfortable place, I wasn’t looking forward to being in it at first, but we ended up with a spot right next to the rec building where there was a pool, 2 hot tubs and endless hot showers.

By the time we setup a bit, heat was on and Susa was comfortably laying in the sun, I remembered how much I like the trailer and all it’s faults, breezes and lack of space. During the day, even when it didn’t get over 20, as long as it was sunny, the gas heat almost never came on. Our little Dr. Heater space heater did all the work of maintaining the room during the day. As soon as the sun stopped hitting the west side of the trailer, the gas was on much of the night (until we ran out that is, which happened twice). Trying to find a comfortable place to sit and work was once again a challenge since the options are a springy couch, our dark and claustrophobic bedroom or our table seats which have cheap foam cushions, I decided to try another option and make the table into a bed (because it does that). We’d never bothered before because I usually have my monitor on the table but we weren’t setting all that up this weekend and I needed more options. With pillows for back and neck support and my lap table, it turned out to be a pretty great place to work. Thanks to an awesome blanket from Ross’s mom Isabel, it looked like a luxury day bed.Luxury in the trailerSusa was super happy to lay in the sun all day, which I swear made the bed and the side of my leg at least 90 degrees.

a happy kitty.

We only made it to the hot tub once, using the pool first while we waited for people to leave. The rec building was much busier than in the fall. Many of the chalet/cabin owners and their families were there for the winter, skiing or whatever other reason they paid $300,000 for a “double wide trailer sized house” that is 3 feet away from the next “house” – seems silly aside from the all day access to the rec building and gym, great for distracting kids I imagine.

We worked all week as usual and nothing much happened, but our weekend was full of the usual excitement, goings on meant for their own blog. The weather was agreeable the entire time we were at Tiger Run, aside from a little fresh snow, lucky for us because the wind storm that was to come would have been unbearable in the trailer…

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