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So we’ve been Florida residents since we started traveling, getting our mail at a place called “My RV Mail” in Okaloosa County. Most full timers use services like that and Florida is one of the most popular states because it doesn’t have state income tax, which saves us on our yearly taxes and on registering our vehicles (It also gives us a good excuse to come to Florida once in a while). For this to work out for the best we have to be pretty much dedicated to both keeping all of our records in Florida and over the years that’s made it harder for me (Kat) to get my license reinstated after it expired years ago. The last time we were in Florida I couldn’t get a license let alone a Florida ID because the DMV wouldn’t allow me to use our mail service as a “permanent address” and required all kinds of mail and proof of any other place we might stay (they also wouldn’t let me register to vote for the same reason). Ross didn’t have the same problem because apparently the person who helped him didn’t know it was a mail service he was claiming as his address, and mine did (it’s a small town).  So, we just went on, with only one vehicle  and pretty much wanting to do the same things at the same times anyway, and I just rode my motorcycles off road or down country lanes once in a while for the last few years.

Sci-Five!But finally, here we are back in Florida, in the same county but a different town, with the main purpose of getting my license, getting my bike registered (needed to be inspected in Florida) and to get us both our motorcycle endorsements. Reading up I had the impression that I needed to take all of Florida’s driving tests, a 4 hour drug and alcohol class (required for all new drivers here) the written test, and the driving test in our giant truck which I’ve almost never driven. I have terrible anxiety about driving tests and any test where someone is looking over my shoulder. I finally get my bike registered and decide to get the written test over with as well while we’re int he office. We spend a half hour at a cafe while I read the manual, looking for any weird Florida laws and brushing up then reluctantly go back in to the DMV to start the process. The lady who helped me was super nice and asked if I’d had a license before and I said “yes, in Oregon for about 10 years”. She goes to the back to speak to her supervisor, comes back and says “we’ll just give you a new license then”… About 3 weeks of scheduling tests and practicing driving, gone! So, win, in the first few days of being in the area. 

Now, with my fancy new plate and driver’s license we get to go take a 3 day Motorcycle Safety Class (required for the endorsement) at the end of August.. that is, after Ross learns how to ride mine in preparation! There WILL be videos.

Loading the bike with our new toy hauler method
Loading the bike with our new toy hauler method
New Florida License Plate
New Florida License Plate

Wow, I almost feel like a real person!


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