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Since launching its first interactive cell phone guided tour with “New York: The Game” in 2009, Stray Boots has been redefining the walking tour. Now available in 10 US cities, “The Game” series of tours continues to transform the way people explore Americans cities. Part scavenger hunt and part walking tour, “The Game” interactive tours turn a city’s streets into a virtual game board, with the player’s cell phone leading the way.

With the recent launch of tours in the 10th U.S. city – Portland, Oregon – Stray Boots continues to lead the way in interactive tours. Portland joins Boston, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC in a portfolio of nearly 40 fun and fact-filled interactive tours. And that’s just the beginning: Stray Boots is engaged in a major expansion that will bring “The Game” tours to San Diego, New Orleans, Nashville and London, UK, in 2011. 2012 promises even more options with planned expansion to more US cities, Canada, Germany and Australia.

“I started  Stray Boots because I love visiting new places but I found most tours just fed me dull facts and led me around on their schedule,” said Avi Millman, the 28-year-old CEO and founder of Stray Boots. “We’ve created a new way to explore a city through mobile technology and ‘gamification’ that immerses the player in a real-world interactive experience that challenges them to learn about the city while having some fun at the same time.”

Stray Boots’ tours are conducted by text message, so people can play using virtually any U.S. mobile phone. Players are guided with text messages that include riddles, puzzles, photo opportunities and trivia questions as they tour the points of interest along the route. Each response earns the participant points, making it possible to compete between groups of friends, family members, or pre-assigned teams. And since each tour is a completely self-guided experience, players can start when they want and set their own pace as they go. Each tour takes about two to three hours to complete.

Stray Boot’s tours are meticulously researched and designed to appeal to locals and tourists alike with intriguing facts and amusing activities. For locals looking for something different to do, they make a great date, family outing, or just a day out on the town with friends.
For more information on Stray Boots or to purchase a tour, visit www.strayboots.com.

About Stray Boots:
Called a “Game Changer” by Fastcompany.com, Stray Boots was created to deliver the cure for the boring tour. Stray Boots’ interactive, cell phone-based tours challenge users as they see the city, learn interesting facts and have some fun along the way. Tourists and locals are giving Stray Boot’s tours rave reviews in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland (Oregon), San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC. Many more cities are coming soon. Stray Boots is the proud recipient of a TripAdvisor™ Certificate of Excellence. Stray Boots also offers private tours for corporate team-building and special events like birthday and bachelorette parties.

Visit:  Stray Boots.com to find out more!


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