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Slacker Festival

Catalina State Park Nerds working
Working at the picnic table, Catalina State Park

We’ve been bad about blogging basically ever since we left. The only good reason is that we are both disturbingly behind on work and school – feeling no real chance of catching up. We still have no working water pump, we still have no off grid electricity and we’re both stuffed up from the dryness and climate change. It hasn’t exactly been warm here (30 at night) so when we aren’t working, we aren’t hiking or skateboarding either. It’s strange getting used to the idea that anytime we want we can step out the door and feed a Roadrunner some bread crumbs or step in some horse shit on the equestrian trail behind us. The mountains around here are pretty amazing, so close and tall they make you dizzy to look at yet we have not climbed them. We work.

At the moment we are surrounded by bees. Bees that either love curry or desperately needed water. They started to show up as I was washing dishes in the garbage can out by the hose (our new water pump is broke). We had eaten curry last night and the majority of the dishes were covered in it. After leaving the dishes to soak I went back to find about 30 bees frantically flying around and one sadly dead in the water. They weren’t angry and I’m not afraid of bees so I just washed my dishes while they landed on my arms and plates like a flock of hummingbirds would to a man covered in sugar (I imagine).

Shurflo piece of shit water pump
Ross trying to fix the piece of shit I bought on Amazon and is too late to return

Earlier this morning I fed a Roadrunner some bread. I didn’t have any seeds or healthy bird foods but I’m sure this isn’t the first time he’s been fed bread anyway. They’re amazingly cute.

Our work situation is pretty comfortable, lounged out on the bed facing each-other with huge pillows. If it’s warm out, which has only been 2 days here, we can work outside assuming glare doesn’t affect what we’re working on. The back couch gets most of its use from Chena who is pretty much there all day long when not laying in the sun outside or taking a walk. It’s been hard for her to get used to walking around here when there are scorpion, tarantula, ant, rattle snake and jack rabbit holes every couple of feet. I wear my big biker boots to improve my chances of being impermeable to their attacks but poor Chena just gets yanked around in a maze while I try to avoid her stepping too close to any of them.

Catalina State Park

The park is nice, hot showers, toilets! – I even got to dye my hair finally. The other campers are mostly rich baby boomers with RV’s the size of charter busses – loaded with satellites, plasma TV’s and little yappy dogs. They don’t really leave their castles, don’t cook outside, don’t sit in their lawnchairs and argue about politics. I’m pretty sure they just watch TV and maybe ride their bikes wearing their bright orange vests once a night. The only one I’ve seen walking around was a woman wearing the outdoorsy uniform – a trekking pole, fanny pack, sun hat and olive green main brand hiking pants and button up shirt. A couple of people have shown up in vans, retro trailers or cute little triangle shaped folding trailers and they naturally spend a little more time outside. Lucky for everyone but us, they have cars too and can drive off and do errands without 20 mins of preparation. We’ll sort that sooner or later.

We plan to blog a little more soon. This weekend is of course Halloween. We leave tonight to try to make it to the slabs (Salton Sea & Slab City photos) by tomorrow night. I found Ross an amazing costume at a Value Village in Spokane and mine is a secret as well – and hopefully wont be a disappointment.

Have a happy Helloween and day of the DEAD!

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