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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma

There aren’t a lot of state, national or even county parks near Oklahoma City. We spent an afternoon at a lake south of town, Lake Stanley Draper, and found that it was more of a marina than an actual park. There were few hikes listed on our trail app and even fewer green areas on google maps, so one…

Hooking up for the first time at Century RV in Longmont Colorado
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Nerds Back on the Road with a New Torque Toy Hauler!

So for the third winter (and probably one too many), we had decided to stay in a vacation cabin. This time near Durango, Colorado with the hope that we would ski every weekend and snowmobile every other weekend and that the snow would be deep enough for us to jump off the 2nd story deck unharmed. None…

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Winter Camping: 1 Week in the Trailer (Feels like 2 in the Cabin)

We recently had to vacate the cabin for a week to accommodate some pre scheduled guests. We have known for 4 months but that didn’t make the moving any easier. We started moving things in about a week ahead of time but due to the cold temperatures, there were many things we didn’t want out there yet. Mostly electronics…

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Stray Boots Walking Tours, Save some dough while on the road!

Since launching its first interactive cell phone guided tour with “New York: The Game” in 2009, Stray Boots has been redefining the walking tour. Now available in 10 US cities, “The Game” series of tours continues to transform the way people explore Americans cities. Part scavenger hunt and part walking tour, “The Game” interactive tours turn a…

Trevor the mouse
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Trailer Mouse: A House is a House

About a month or two ago we heard some nibbling under the stove area. We had said on facebook that we thought it was a mouse, then decided it must have been a carpenter bee and didn’t think much more about it. Months go by and… it was a mouse. Hearing the chewing again in the stove,…

Hiking National Forest RV life

Hike to the elusive Peavine Falls

During the last few days in Oak Mountain State Park, we wanted to hike at least one more of the many trails throughout the park. Of all the trails, mostly named by colors, Peavine falls seemed like the thing to see before we left. We both took an extended lunch break on a hot afternoon, taking water…