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I miss instability

Just wanted to mention that I find myself remembering fondly the harder times of the trip. Moving fast across the country, boondocking behind the North Shore Yacht Club while it was being renovated, running our generator in a Walmart parking lot so we have electricity to work while transitioning to another spot, staring at google maps for hours trying to figure out where we’re going next while already driving there. Like a band of gypsys, down the highway we would go. RV shaking and noisy, Chena on my lap – and halfway on the cooler. Things and places to photograph. All the while without running water, showers, predictable bathrooms or healthy food. Sometimes without propane in the cold, sometimes without protein for weeks (it seemed). I miss it. I hate being in one place so long (and only 2 weeks) – yet unable to go anywhere really without a car and nothing close to walk to. There’s a city bus but I don’t exactly feel like going downtown alone in the cold. I also have to work almost the same hours as Ross and by the time we’re done its dark and the only place nearby is a mini mart with a grumpy Iranian guy who doesn’t take debit cards. In his defense he did make a joke tonight after seeing my out of state ID, he asked me why I didnt have a drivers lisence “drinking and driving hahahaah?” – hes ok. It’s understandable why its odd to not have a drivers license here. Nowhere so far has a transit system or bike lane system like Portland.

We go to Austin Tomorrow and we’re tying for a place closer to town, The weather should be getting better next week and I plan to do something with it (and blog more) . Stagnation and stability are my ultimate killer, or maybe just boredom and the lack of someone to meet for coffee?

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