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Finally leaving NOLA?

Soon indeed! I cant believe we’ve been here SOO long. We’re basically partial year residents at this point. I had to look at past blogs to see when we arrived and it was EARLY MARCH?! And we’ve been in Louisiana since early February! So much for on the road huh? Hence my not writing much for a while. Besides an in-depth tour of New Orleans for Vegans, there wasn’t much for me to write about without this turning into a cook book and craft show.
In the last several months we’ve gained allot of stuff. The new trailer everyone knows about by this time but the new truck has yet to be talked about, and Ross has finally sold his car!! It took so long to sell and was sold under asking price but sold none the less.
As we speak Ross is setting up the trailer for generator power, something these trailers were never built to do. It’s a serious improvement on the value of the trailer to us and for resale. He has worked long and hard inventing a way to store our huge 6volt batteries safely and now hooking up our inverter to 12 volt power (really he knows way more about this, I’ll prod him for a blog about it). We’ve gone on innumerable trips to Home Depot, Radio Shack and Lowe’s looking for all the building material, wires and ventilation solutions needed for the project and still theres work to be done involving the breaker box but hopefully soon we’ll be on our way.
We also finally got our hitch, again, something Ross knows more about with all his hours of research on hitches.

Now that we have the truck to tow the trailer and the hitch to help us tow safely, we need tires for truck and trailer and a 100k mile service on the truck. We bought it literally miles before 100k, hitting it at the exact place we went to register is in Florida. The lady at the DMV said it was a first for her and hopping it didnt look like we faked the miles, I took a photo to remember its oddness but it doesn’t mean much without her amused face next to the instrument panel.

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