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Danger lurks in low places

I fell.

Whose fault is this? IKEA! Well, I’ll be claiming that at least. I’m not going to sue them but I can be pissed regardless. I bought a step stool there the other day. It’s a cheap one, like, $4 cheap but seemed like it could be used for you know.. A STEP STOOL


This is how it happened. My dog is old. I’ll make a post about her soon. Her name is Chena, she is almost 11, diabetic, half blind and the shit (EVERYONE will agree).
Me and Ross went to Home Depot before we left for Spokane, shopping for the last minute scraps and screws needed for some basic repairs. I wanted to make a table for my laptop so I could work comfortably. We had already bought the legs at Ikea, $15 each but they can be unscrewed easily for storage (After so much trouble with finding folding table brackets). We bought a 4 foot piece of pine, already in a table like format and proceeded to look for some sort of stairs for Chena at some commercial pet store chain. They were too expensive so we left.

The next day while figuring out the table issue, it turned out to be a bust. The pine was too thin for the screws that the legs needed for support. We considered using the original table, a hideous green melamine thing, but finally decided on my awesome Dunny table that Ross made me while I was in Mexico for 2 weeks.

To make use of the pine, I made a ramp out of it for Chena putting clear skateboard griptape in stripes across one side. Money saved and Chena’s accessibility problem solved. I thought. Turned out the ramp still needed some more support and little steps, or more grip tape, for her slippery little feet.
For a temporary solution, I successfully widened the RV stair by shoving half underneath it the Ikea stool. I tried not to use it or put weight on it but while taking out the garbage, I must have pissed off the gods of plastic because it tipped forward and sent me flying upon my tailbone to the ground. I don’t know what happened to my arm. Something involving grip tape (that I recently put on the RV stair) and something that can gouge a hole quite nicely.

I sat on the ground holding my arm, clenched eyes and gritted teeth for several minutes, not really sure if I should try to stand or walk. I seriously considered whether or not I had shattered by ass bone, or what have you. But what annoyed me the most was that I was sure that the neighbours, who had been working on home remodeling in their backyard day and night, had probably seen everything and said or done nothing. I can’t be sure but since I got here I have almost never seen them NOT in the yard working. I must have pissed off the gods of plastic and the gods of “neighbour’s snack break”.

When I got up I immediately washed off the blood on my arm, put on bandages and secured an ice pack to my lower back. Luckily this was the “unsuccessful dry ice day” and during its brief success, some ice packs were froze. I thought I sprained by wrist but the next day wrist was fine. I could however barely walk and my arm looked like this (below). I can still barely get up my stairs without a shoot of pain 3 days later.

Day one.
Day one.
Day two
Day two
day three
day three

Tip. Only stand on plastic step stools at completely vertical angles with no leaning or uneven weight. To Ikea, write this on your damn step stool.

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