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Goodbye 1973 Dodge Brougham

So we sold the Brougham, well rather traded. It was a sad day but much less so knowing it was going to a good home. Many people looked at it, a couple older men who wanted to live in it in their yards while they worked on their houses, a couple who wanted it for a mobile…

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Weekend of busy fury

Saturday We started the day with Apple pie, ice cream and coffee, then headed out. Since the new trailer we’ve rented a car once but mostly use the RV for our around town car. While empty it’s great. We don’t have to worry about our things crashing around and with all the weight gone it actually drives…

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New Trailer and Brougham Retirement?

It was kind of a gradual decision and a sad one. We have spent the weekend looking at trailers and after being told (and noticing) several times that anything under $8000 goes really really fast, we took the first thing we could afford. It was settling so much as being open minded. Its a 2005 Rockwood with…


Face the Brougham

I’ve been putting this off for a while but Thanksgiving was the day! Besides eye stickers, I added 2 Tokidoki stickers, a “get straight, ride crooked” monster and of course our own sticker “For a good time call Nerdsontheroad.com”. As his exterior evolves I will update accordingly.

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