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Throwback Thursday: Autumn in Asheville

Last weekend my wrist was hurting me and basically ruined our weekend riding plans. It’s been a persistent injury since the first time I laid my bike down in Asheville, one year ago. Usually it’s tolerable but once in a while my wrist is just completely useless after a seemingly harmless event, like picking up a pillow wrong. It gets to the point where I can’t pick up a tissue paper without sharp pain… that’s pretty useless. This Saturday I was so fed up with it, and we’re finally somewhere for a few months, that we went into Urgent Care and I got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Of course by the time I got in to see the surgeon, it was fine again. The next time it flares up, I was told to call get an MRI right away, so hopefully something will come of it. I don’t want it keeping me from riding on a sunny day ever again! Fingers crossed xx  (more about last weekend below the photos)…

Blue Ridge Parkway in Fall:







Halloween in Asheville:

Asheville Cemetery
Asheville Cemetery
Our own gravestones!
Our own gravestones!
Moss Closeup
Moss Closeup


Stairs are a…no.

So, Saturday was Urgent Care, lunch, and just hanging out around the cabin. On Sunday, we spent the morning puttering around the house before finally deciding to go to Vallecito Lake to hike and take some photos of the last yellow trees. I had my nice cameras packed and we were ready to make a day of it, with Sherlock in tow, when we get about 100 feet down the road and notice a dog in ditch looking thoroughly confused. It was blind. I recognized the expression immediately since my last dog was mostly blind for the last 5 years of her life, and it was incredibly sad to see a blind dog lost and stuck in a ditch. We collected her and managed to slowly walk her over to a neighbours driveway where we could ask about her. They had never seen her before, but had a few suggestions on who to ask. We basically spent the rest of the day probing neighbours and driving into town to check her for a microchip. She was old, arthritic, dehydrated, skinny and had mostly gone or rotting teeth. She was not in good shape. She spent the night with us, got brushed a lot, pet often, fed, and she slept about 15 hours straight. She had to be carried down stairs to go to the bathroom and did not enjoy it at all, she could only walk a few feet at a time before getting tired and didn’t cope well with being blind and was regularly afraid of what she couldn’t see. The next afternoon we took her to the local no-kill shelter in hopes she would either get medical care or go home. I’m torn to say, that the next day we got a call that someone came and picked her up. It makes me happy that someone cared, but also disturbs me a little bit. There was no “missing dog” notices for her at the shelter, no posters, no neighbours driving around looking for their dog… so we can assume they just lost her recently, so…that’s how healthy they keep her? Were they too embarrassed to ask their neighbours if they’d seen her? Sad. Hopefully she’s at least not afraid anymore and can just grow old in somewhat less pain. Having had an old dog with medical issues, I couldn’t have let her get that bad, but I also know how hard it is to let them go. Not being selfish is a hard choice when it comes to love.

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