Navajo Nation Arizona
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Driving to Utah and Fixing Electrical Woes

FRIDAY: Our flight was relatively easy going and we didn’t spend nearly as much time as our last flight sitting around the airport. We both got frisked and my bag got searched “randomly” but overall nothing exciting. The flight was 10 hours and after another hour in Phoenix airport we were finally on the way to the…

Scruffy Old Bugsy, Our Local Cat
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More British Cats, From Sussex to Bath and Beyond

Since we’ve been here, we’ve been on the lookout for cats, for no other reason than because we love cats. We get to see Bugsy (the scruffy old white fellow a few pics down) on a daily basis and the occasional visitor, Tsotsi, but when we go traveling around the country we can’t help but pay attention…

Andre first day home
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Andre the Giant, the cat we got for our cat

Susa has been a good sport through our travels. She joined us about 6 months after we started traveling and is now a 3 year old, spoiled, fussy, sassy pants cat. It’s my own fault she’s so spoiled. I always spoil my pets and it’s hard not to when you are literally around them 24/7 365 and…

Susa in the Leaves
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Susa the leash trained cat

Aside from the rainy days, Susa likes to spend at least half her day tied outside the trailer. We started leash training her as soon almost as we adopted her. The thought of some poor cat locked up in the trailer all day every day without even a chance of eating fresh grass or chasing a butterfly…

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Hatching Cute

We left Miami on Sunday and on Saturday evening after returning from the Keys, I took Susa for a walk and poked around in the underbrush as I often do. While Susa sat on a rock and watched birds, I turned over rocks in hopes that I would see another creature like the rare yellow banded black…

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Susa and Chena’s Morning Walk

Susa has been doing really well on the leash. I had put the harness on her a couple times in the house before finally jumping into the leash on her first visit to the vet. She was really good besides destroying my shirt at the sight of people, cars and especially a weed whacker. She sat in…

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New Nerd on the Road – Susa Ataris

Beware. by the end of this you”ll know more than you need to about our new cat. Once we got a bigger place to hang out, we were finally able to have a cat in our lives again. I think we had the new trailer for a day when I started looking on craigslist for needy cats…

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Austin Texas, Week 1

We arrived in Austin Sunday night after a pretty interesting adventure with our tail lights. They had been out the last week or so and we finally decided that driving around at night with either emergency flashers or (this is the best) an electric candle and bicycle tail light in the back window (yes, as tail lights)…