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Meet Our New Travel Mascot: Hiccup

trevor2-610x408First, the bad news. Our beloved mouse Trevor, who we found under our trailer at the wee age of 2 weeks old, passed away late last month at the very ripe old age of 3.5 years. The oldest mouse on record lived to just over 4 years old (under medical supervision), and the average lifespan for a mouse is about 2 years. He impressed us all quite a bit and we half expected him to just stay with us forever. He gave everyone many great years of entertainment and joy. I’m not sure how the other pets might know, but I’ve caught both cats sitting next to the tree he’s buried under, looking towards his makeshift mausoleum (we buried him with his winter food cache, cotton bed and shoe box with a stone on top). I swear I can still hear him munching his food sometimes…sad times.

On a lighter side to this sad news, something rather appropriate has fallen into place. I put off writing a blog about an adorable little guy we got for Christmas from Ross’s mom. We haven’t done a whole lot of “sight seeing” due to some mucky weather but finally got out on our bikes yesterday. This new little friend was and is intended to be our new travel mascot, and he also happens to be a brown mouse, just like Trevor. In a way, Trevor can still travel with us.

He’s a “Charlie Bears” creation named Hiccup, and was made in a very limited collection. When we were in the UK Ross’s mom introduced me to Charlie Bears, both from her own gorgeous collection and by visiting their Rochester shop. They’re vintage inspired, perfectly balanced, extremely quality, handmade pieces, and Hiccup is the tiniest of all – the perfect size for going on rides, hikes and traveling at our side wherever we go. He’s jointed so he can stand and pose in dozens of positions, great for a little interactive traveling.

He came with an embroidered bag so we can transport him safely on our adventures and features a clever little poem written by Ross’s mom, Isabelle, that reminds me of the day we found Trevor:

Hiccup the mouse became a stray, 
He looked for a home, a place to stay
He traveled overseas (without any papers)
Hoping for a home, some fun, some capers.
He found an RV that needed a mouse
And he found it suited him more than a house.
He could continue to travel whilst being at home
But by himself he never need roam.
And whilst he likes to laugh and play
Away from other pets he needs to stay
And if you love him (and I hope you do)
He’ll stay a while and travel with you.

*nearly to tears typing that.

We took him on a ride yesterday when it was nearly 70 degrees (21C). We rode for miles through the Pisgah National Forest, stopping off at a campsite where we found a beautiful little stream, perfect for his first photos. (We were both wearing our stiff riding boots so I couldn’t get much closer without falling in the water but there will be many more to come!)

Hiccup the Mouse in Pisgah National ForestHiccup the Mouse in Pisgah National Forest


Hope you like him because there will be lots more of Hiccup as we continue on our travels!

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