Jupiter’s Travels: Ted Simon’s Second Journey Round the World

We had a ton of things scheduled for the Overland Expo but ended up skipping classes occasionally and attending panel discussions instead. At the end of Saturday evening, after listening in on a discussion on travel in Africa, we sat around the campfire having our happy hour beer, soaking in the event. Just as it got dark and the temperatures dropped, the film festival began. This night was the only night we had Sherlock in tow and didn’t need to return home to relieve her. Luckily this was possibly the best film night of all and we were able to see the amazing inspirational film, Jupiter’s Travels, a film that really got us excited about our own overland plans for the future.

Sadly, I had never heard of Ted Simon before seeing the film and wished I had. He’s the kind of person I want to be; having lived an enormously interesting and adventurous life traveling the world. When he was young he took on his first round the world motorcycle trip on an old Triumph. The film Jupiter’s Travels, documented his attempt at repeating the same journey 28 years later, this time with a camera crew for a portion of it, documenting the feat itself as well as the huge feat of doing it at an older age.

Throughout the film Ted visits people he’d met in the past, and surprisingly finds many are still around. He runs into mechanical issues, relives old memories, and talks about his experience repeating a journey he had done as a younger, stronger man. The film allows you to share in the amazing yet humbling experience along with Ted, making it one of the most real travel documentaries I’ve seen.

Whether you’re into overland travel or not, it’s a film to see. I can only hope to be physically capable of doing the same things as Ted Simon at his age. He proves that a real traveler never has to stop traveling, learning, exploring or experiencing wonder.

Before and after the film, Ted Simon himself spoke and answered questions, another 13 years older than the age he was on his second journey, at 69! Still riding, and still a world traveler; He’s a walking, talking legend.

Please see it if you get a chance! Find it on his website at: http://jupitalia.com/jupiters-shop/jupiters-travels-on-dvd-the-film/

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