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The Beautiful Savannah, Georgia

Savannah itself is a gorgeous, old city filled with beautiful architecture, history and sights. Its proximity to the sea made it a strategic port city in the American Revolution and the Civil War. Like many port cities, it’s managed to thrive over the years and is a great place to visit, no matter your tastes or interest.

We stayed about 15 miles west of town at Savannah Oaks RV Park but came into the city a couple times during our two week stay. We walked around seeing sights and beautiful trees, and/or ate at a local restaurant or two. One day, when I had a lull in work, I came downtown and just walked around taking photos. For some reason I parked about 20 blocks from the water but I got to see dozens of beautiful houses and parks along the way. I stopped downtown for some delicious tofu tacos at the Kayak Kafe and nosed around the comic book and toy store, Planet Fun. I think I’ll make this a regular habit as we travel around. I love architecture and often find a few old cars and gritty places  in these old cities as well.


Savannah is surrounded by some beautiful nature and wildlife. We visited the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge where we drove a large loop through miles of wetlands, and for free. We saw numerous birds, turtles and alligators enjoying the sunny weather and were able to pull over nearly whenever we wanted to stop and take photos.

When we were in Savannah about 4 years ago we stayed at Skidaway Island State Park and had a really memorable time. It was fall and the campsites were covered in leaves, leaves filled with giant millipedes that we had to constantly be careful not to step on, not to mention frequent baby skinks (lizards) trying to hide in the leaves. We swept a path to the truck and tried hard not to step on anyone. When we went on hikes then, we frequently ran into little tree crabs skittering across the path and around the tree trunks, but this time it was spring and too cold yet.   Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay there this time due to internet restraints, but Savannah Oaks RV Park worked out pretty well with a beautiful swamp, deafening frogs and access to the Ogeechee River. Its proximity to the sandy road we had fun riding our bikes on was a big bonus as well.

Skidaway Island features about 6 miles of trails that go between brackish marshland and gorgeous forest. The area has some history as well, as a place where moonshiners brewed their batches, and a strategic military holdout during the Civil and Revolutionary War. Their visitor center has a skeleton of a prehistoric giant sloth and you can go back-country, tent or rv camping. My favorite thing about the park is the trees living right at the edge of the marsh. Their roots are crazy and twisted, planting frightening things in your imagination (or maybe just mine).

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