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Skiing Purgatory Green Runs, and Falling a lot

Featured Image: We finally went skiing! The hardest part was finally doing it, second hardest part, getting down the hill alive. #nerdsontheroad #notr #skiing #nerdsonskis #purgtory via Instagram http://ift.tt/1R5XC7l

We haven’t been skiing in years. Aside from Ross going down twice in Telluride, it’s been about 4 years. After I (Kat) got a neck injury in Brreckenridge (after a pretty great season, where I at least made my pass worth it). I haven’t felt much like having another go. However, we did keep all our gear for a day when I might.

This was Sunday the 3rd, a couple days after New Years, which we hoped also meant that most of the holiday crowd was gone. It was still pretty busy but not too crazy. We parked in the overflow parking and took a shuttle to the resort, where by our luck we showed up just in time for a discounted half day ticket.

We’ve yet to our skis on and Ross is ready for some Purgatory Green Runs, but I need more time. I suggest we go “where all those little kids are going” though in reality, most kids at a ski resort can outski me any day of the week. It was however a short run, with an unfortunately steep ending, we both fell at least once after a long pause at the top of the steepest part. I now despise going very fast and it seems like no matter how advanced a slope is, the ending is always either joining a blue run and far too steep, or just too steep for me. The green run I used to do a lot in Breckenridge was ok, but every other run has been scary, especially since I fell trying to avoid some little girl, who was probably at no risk of my hitting her at all…

We go down the short runs twice and decide we’re going green if we’re ready or not. We shuffle over to the lift and spend a good 20 minutes going up before getting dropped at the head of where 3 long green runs start. The first one we went with was essentially an access road snowed over, perfect really for the first time in 3 years. It rarely got steep, sometimes annoyingly so as we would have to walk if we didn’t have momentum.

We found a relatively reasonable way to get down, still steep, but only for a short time, and rested with a beer and some fries.

The second run we did was called Nature Trail, a nice hilly little walk through the forest. I was already tired from the first run, and if you know about elevation and beer, that was a factor too I think. I fell trying to swoosh side to side on too narrow a path and could NOT get up, I wasted a lot of energy trying though, and still ended up having to unhook my boots. I fell a few more time after this – a combination of nerves and weakness were getting to me (and beer). By the time we got to the blue run quality ending, I was so weak that I was scared to go down. I fell a couple more times before getting anywhere near the bottom and was sure I’d have to slide down on my butt. I am not strong enough for 2 runs apparently, I might have been ok if I hadn’t fallen the first time, or if I’d just given up and unhooked my boots earlier, but who knows. I was glad the day was over, but also glad we went skiing once the annoyance wore off.

It’s an hour away from us and $120 for us both to go a half day. I think I can overcome my fear of “the ending” eventually, since I now associate it with too many people in my way and going way too fast for comfort, but we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll make it up there again!

p.s. Ross is a much better skier than me – he did great 😀

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