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They Came in Peace: A Day trip to Roswell, New Mexico

For Blair’s first full weekend in town we decided to check out Roswell. It was close enough to have no excuse to pass up, and the kind of place people would say “aww you should have gone” if we did. We didn’t have many expectations except for full on “hokeiness” and along the way we made a…

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Alamogordo’s Alamo Aeon Adventure

We woke up this morning with no plans. We went into town to mail off some things…still with no plans for what we would do after, the weekend kind of sneaked up on us. On our way to the unfortunately closed post office, we saw something being set up downtown. We stopped to check it out, most…

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White Sands National Monument, White, Windy and Warm

Today was kind of a laid back day. We’re both resting our wrists and hands from a beating they took last Sunday and both of our bikes are desperately in need of new chains and sprockets. They’re scheduled for next week to have them put on, and in the meantime, we get to just hang out in this beautiful region via…

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Memphis, Puppies, Elvis and Delicious Food

We stayed in Southaven, Mississippi, just a few miles south of Graceland. Southaven wasn’t much to speak of, suburban sprawl and every chain business you could possibly need. Everything was fairly new, including most the roads, some of which led to housing developments that didn’t yet exist, but luckily we were just a short drive from Holly Springs National Forest,…

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The Beautiful Savannah, Georgia

Savannah itself is a gorgeous, old city filled with beautiful architecture, history and sights. Its proximity to the sea made it a strategic port city in the American Revolution and the Civil War. Like many port cities, it’s managed to thrive over the years and is a great place to visit, no matter your tastes or interest. We stayed about…

Wisteria Arch
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Jungle Gardens on Avery Island

The Lafayette area of Louisiana has quite a bit to offer in public natural areas, from wildlife preserves to state parks, but the privately owned Jungle Gardens on Avery Island is one of the best nature experiences in the region. You can’t go kayaking from its shore and it costs more than most other parks in the…

Fiddle Maker, Vermillionville
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Vermilionville Historic Cajun Village, Lafayette

We enjoy history but don’t often visit all the places we could. For example in Oklahoma City we were within walking distance of the Cowboy Museum and never went, but we have been to Dodge City and Deadwood, and we’ll hike miles to see some petroglyphs over going to a Native American Museum. I guess you could say we’re…