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New Years in San Antonio, TX

So when nothing really happens, I dont blog. I suppose I can and should find things to blog about – even though they wont be that interesting to many of you, it will keep me blogging.

The last 2 weeks we’ve been at Travel World RV Park in San Antonio. It’s a pretty regular RV park with some fairly nice to fairly rude little old ladies working the counter. They have a little overpriced store in the office and spots run average $228 a week. They didn’t ask us, so I had to mention – that I read about the economy spots on their website – $150 a week. The lady looked rather annoyed and I asked what the difference was. “Cable” she said, “the economy spots don’t have cable”. I liked having cable at the last place. Having a TV to watch forced me to get away from the computer for 30 mins to watch some cartoons or news but charging nearly $80 a week for cable TV, digital or not = horrible. She failed to mention though that the economy spots also only have 30amp plugs as opposed to the usual 30 and 50 which allows us to (more conveniently) charge our batteries that all the 12 volt lights and car stereo (w/speakers, our house stereo too) use. We also had to buy a new drain hose because there was no way to park close enough to the drain in the ground. This however did not help us much – we bought the 10foot hose for $12 because, although we needed a longer one, the 20foot foot hose was $44 for some reason in their pricey little shop. Neither came with attachments so we also had to buy one of those – and after 2 weeks of stretching the hose as tight as we could, the attachment to the RV broke. It’s now held on with duct tape – they’re easy enough to get and cheaper than a new hose but.. well they’re about 60 feet away and that’s just too far in this cold.

Yeah.. cold. I always thought the south was warmer in the winter, and I guess sometimes it is – of course in the desert during the day, but it has been colder lately than Portland and even the mountain range my mom lives in in New Mexico. Tap is running and going to the bathrooms is a constant battle. We just happen to be parked about as far as possible from the bathrooms, another perk of the economy spot, and the other night when it was about 20 degrees, the locks to the bathrooms – some sort of metal key pad – were frozen and I couldn’t get in till the next day. Ross of course managed to get in somehow – I say he broke a window or used some kind of voodoo magic (I punched and pulled at those doors for 20 mins). Last night, the coldest so far, we were out till 2am eating at one of the several restaurants in town with vegetarian food, then going to a midnight showing of Daybreakers. A movie I would recommend the whole family go see. If you don’t agree, tell the woman with the 3 year old above us in this gore fest of a film (that’s a good thing – the gore not the lady and her kid). I seriously considered yelling at the lady to leave before the film started but really, what do I know about raising kids right. He didn’t cry once is all I can say about that – when I was that age I would have been crying and had nightmares for years. I once saw the cover of a horror movie at a video store when I was 9 – and believed in toilet monsters till I was 12. True story, from just the cover.

So.. speaking of procrastination- New Years. What did we do? We actually didn’t do nothing! We instead took the bus that’s right across the street downtown and walked around the waterfront. The waterfront here is far superior to the waterfront in both Portland and Spokane for many reasons. Although it is practically still canal water, it is accessed by walking down stairs to a water alley of cool old buildings and restaurants and absolutely no railing whatsoever to save you from falling into the cold, bacteria filled cesspool; But it looks cool and that is what matters. Along the canal there are stone bridges above periodically that you can access with stairs in order to get to the other side of the canal – most of the bridges are busy streets in the city above. In the water, there are cute little boats similar to gondolas and how appropriate, because it looks like a miniature Venice. I really have no good photos of this because it was night time but I would have liked for you to get the idea of how fearfully close we were forced to the water in the New Years crowd. A constant stream of locals and tourists shoving past you on a narrow piece of sidewalk and crowding outside restaurants waiting for their names to be called made the experience pretty frightening really. I’m not sure (if) how the night was pulled off without at least 40 people in the canal – especially since most of them were drunk.

San Antonio Water Front
San Antonio Water Front

After trying 3 different restaurants and being told that there would be at least an hour and a half wait, we left the canal for less populated eateries. We found Rio Rio – which actually happened to be on the canal as well we later noticed – just on the other side and downstairs. We were surprised it was so empty but after ordering their vegetarian burrito and veggie quesadilla – I mean the spinach on spinach burrito and spinach on spinach on cheese quesadilla we understood. This was the second time we’d ordered a “vegetarian” item in Texas “non vegetarian restaurants” and the second time our food was stuffed to the brim with soggy nasty canned spinach. Apparently Vegetarian and Popeye are synonymous here to restaurants who don’t specifically care about people who don’t eat meat. It’s really a convenient enough addition to any menu, how can they screw it up? food but without meat! What a wacky concept!!!! YET they still cant pull it off. Here is a good veggie burrito for you – Spanish Rice, Beans, Cheese, Pico de Gallo and FRESH spinach – here is a veggie quesadilla – Cheese, Black beans and FRESH spinach. I KNOW that you have those things in your Mexican restaurant kitchen. I think what the problem is, is that they just hate us and want us to never eat at these places again. Done and done.

After that we went towards the funny space needle wanabe thing where the fireworks would be going off, and near our last bus. We made the mistake of asking a police officer where the bus mall is and he kindly directed us to the largest and most packed group of people since Black Friday at a Walmart. It seemed there may be a through way but we were duped and spend the next 20 minutes smelling armpits and stepping on push chairs trying to get out. I cant tell you the number of thick leather, heavily cologned  jackets were shoved into my face nor how we survived but eventually we burst forth from the mass. I wanted and planned for most the time to run like hell as soon as we were free but the crowd of people leaving also bogged us down all the way to the bus stop.. which was a block back. The cop made of go through the crowd for nothing.

New Years was also a blue moon I was told. What does this mean you ask? NOTHING of any SIGNIFICANCE! It means there were 2 fill moons in one month, apparently rare, but mind you these are human months – concepts of time written down by man so for nature, its probably no big deal at all. If you told nature “hey that’s freakin cool!” She would say, “oh that? eh, I guess” and not because she’s modest. Nature has no concept of a 30 day ‘month’ nor a 28 day one. (That was an existentialist rant if anyone was wondering what that was).It was pretty anyway, although not at all blue and not at all special.

New Years Blue moon

We arrived home with no problems, except for the lovely man on the bus listening to music loudly on the world’s worst cell phone/mp3 player.

We have since been working and little more. I should write about work more and probably will. I am officially the only one writing blogs so if you all come here for Ross, you will be disappointed. 🙂

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  • georgie

    so much to comment on!!

    1. i totally think you should blog more on daily random interactions with people. Cos those are fun.Grouchy people….sav not so much, but there’s some odd people out there that carry the best conversations andy the craziest of things, and you owe the world to blog about those!
    2. he didn’t break the window. He peed outside i’m sure. Boys. Only time i’m jealous of them.
    3. blue moons are pretty damn awesome. I think the next one happens in another 400 years or so. 😉

  • Katya

    I thought about that but we really don’t see anyone and neither of us are very sociable. We work during the day inside so its not common we run into people, even in a crowded RV park 🙁 – He did get in, It just annoyed me that he did and I couldnt after trying to 20 mins. Im the one who had to pee outside haha. The fact that a blue moon is rare is interesting but I dont think its all that special because its based on a human measurement of time was my only point – rather than it being something visually appealing. Solar eclipses are cooler to me than a “once in a blue moon” thing (haha) but any full moon is a good one. \\Thanks for the comments. We need them! Keep coming back!

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