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Last weekend in San Antonio

Last weekend we finally went out a bit to see some of San Antonio. We could have taken a bus but – oh so inconvenient on a Sunday, so we drove the beautiful Brougham instead! Destinations planned – Food at Green, where we had some pretty great and interesting vegantarian (vegan/vegetarian) dishes. Ross had the homemade sausage/peanut butter & habanero jelly sandwich and I had a buffalo “chicken” sandwich. We then ordered a giant cookie and java cupcake which we took home and gorged on later. The waitress was really nice and atmosphere interesting. Between the random kitsch decorations of things like a 50s light cover collection, were photos from local photographers; mostly landscapes of the southwest. It was the first place since Portland that felt a little like Portland – nice in a way since what I liked most about Portland was places like that. (excuse the iphone photos.. please).
Buffalo vegie chicken at Green cafe in San Antonio, TXHomemade vegan sausage, peanut butter & Habanero jelly

vegan cupcake at green

I wrote a review on Yelp for them, apparently my new thing, as well as for The Cove, another vegantarian friendly place we went to our last night in town.

After eating we headed to the Japanese Gardens, an oddly abandoned looking place. No one supervising, slightly under maintained and some wild kittys living in the bamboo but this made it even better. It was small but the space was really well used. There was a great old building being renovated there but not much chance for a good photo without construction tape in it. I have some Holga shots that I’ll develop eventually.

Japanese Gardens San Antonio, TX

After that we went to the second oldest park in the US which was pretty but not enough to take photos of. Looking forward to going to Austin, we hear its pretty lively and vegetarian friendly.

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