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Goodbye Austin, We’ll miss you


The most we’ve stayed anywhere so far is 2 weeks but Austin is just great enough to stay longer. It’s probably the only city so far I can imagine myself living in for at least a year. There is a pretty decent number of vegetarian restaurants, theater pubs and parks – plus the weather is generally awesome. I’m sure the summers are a living hell and the one day it did get humid here, it was horrible, but no place on earth is going to be awesome and have great weather all the time – that I know of yet.

We went out a few times a week and on the weekend with our friend Olivia who moved to Austin from Portland about 2 years ago. We were lucky to know someone there who knew the kind of food we wanted and places we would like to see.

Brite Wash, Austin Texas

Brite Wash, Austin Texas - Urban Cowboys

Beerland Show

Beer Land Show, Austin Texas

Dont do coke in the bathroom

Zombie Attack!

Zombie Attack!

Swad -cheap indian food

Swad - cheap indian food, Austin

star wars loteria cards by Chepo Pena

star wars loteria cards by Chepo Pena

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