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Fourth of July 2013 in Kanab Utah

We found a flyer somewhere recently about the Fourth of July activities in Kanab Utah and decided, since we usually miss out on or don’t go to things like that in towns we visit, that we would instead participate. Luckily the parade wasn’t too early in the morning (or too late with how hot it gets). It started at 10 am, so we showed up about 10:15 and parked a couple blocks away, walking to the intersection where the participants joined the queue and walking quickly past them so we could stand and watch them pass by. After we walked a few more blocks, stopping occasionally to see if anything interesting was at risk of passing us by, we noticed the parade was doing a loop and we hadn’t missed a thing if we just looked at the other side of the road.

Floats and ATV’s were throwing candy, men in Uncle Sam outfits were passing out bead necklaces to entirely clothed women, spectators pelted participants with water balloons and several fire department vehicles, new and old, were spraying willing on lookers with fire hoses. It was actually a pretty great, much to my surprise. When trying to attend parades in places like Portland it was usually just a fight to see anything at all. After the parade we stuck around the area, exploring an old mining cave, finding a really great balancing rock and walking around some sandy desert roads. We poked our heads into Best Friends Animal Society on our way to Kanab Canyon, to find out more about their tours and possibly volunteering while we’re in the area, then headed towards Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park again but.. once again.. got distracted by the surrounding beauty and just ended up hiking around in the desert again.

We came back to the trailer and planned to BBQ but instead just cooked inside and watched part of  Treasure Island, a 2012 2 part TV movie version with Elijah Wood, Eddy Izzard and Donad Sutherland (not sure how I missed that one).  After, we hiked up the hill behind the campground,near the big K over the town and watched the fireworks. They had the display at the City Park, next to a huge canyon and cliff wall. The delay in the sound for each firework was around 5 seconds and the light lit up the entire canyon. fireworks

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