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Alamogordo’s Alamo Aeon Adventure

We woke up this morning with no plans. We went into town to mail off some things…still with no plans for what we would do after, the weekend kind of sneaked up on us. On our way to the unfortunately closed post office, we saw something being set up downtown. We stopped to check it out, most of the booths were still being set up but many of the card for the car show were there. We returned home for lunch and rode our bikes back into town for the first annual Alamogordo Aeon Adventure.

It was a great little event that included several things we already like, comic book characters (in the form of cosplay), classic cars, live music and local wares. We bought some spicy homemade canned jam and salsa from a local family, a little Rocket Raccoon doll on mega discount from the comic book store’s booth, and a framed and signed print from another vendor of a painting by Sas Christian. Just need a hook and it’ll join our growing collection of modern artists, mostly signed, in the office.
Since we had the bikes with us, I wasn’t really sure until we brought it back to the bikes if it was possible to get it home, but I would find a way. I don’t have a rack yet, but I have a net, and it fit perfectly – and even after I dropped my bike at the car wash while trying to stop in PURE SOAP – the print survived.
We watched the cosplay contest for a while, slowly walked around the classic cars, wandered into several of the local shops downtown where I found some great vintage jewelry to rework into pieces for my store and met some friendly locals. When we got hungry, we rode down the road to Chilis to get a veggie burger and Blackberry Margarita.  It was a good day , a day that started with 0 plans at all. If we lived here, we would definitely go every year!






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