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Italian Bar Road Ride, Central California

Having sort of learned to hate sand in Page, we just weren’t very excited about it, nor the 90 degree heat, when we were outside Joshua Tree. It’s ok though, we made up for it when we reached Angel’s Landing, and found that not only was the weather much cooler but the sun was going down after 8pm! We could work a full day and still have a few hours to ride.


We were only in the area for 2 weeks due to the RV parks filling up for the season, and the weekend was reserved for Yosemite and Big Trees State Park. We still managed to get out a few evenings and ride around the area, finding a particularly cool road called Red Hill Road as a shortcut to avoid the highways. It’s a one lane road (rare in the US) that saunters through farmland, going from paved to gravel and back to paved again before dumping us out either next to the RV park or on a 45mph road that leads to Columbia.

We found out about Italian Bar road from a local at a saloon in Columbia. It was nearby and lead into the national forest outside Columbia so went back one evening and did as much as we could before having to head back to camp.

We thoroughly enjoyed the views, both in the farmland and in the National Forest. Everything about the Sierra Nevadas is beautiful!


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