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So I started school Monday. I wasn’t going to go this term but I would like to get closer to finishing my degree and just get it over with. I have a fairly relaxed degree, especially since I’m nearing the end. Somehow switching colleges I got around many of those terrible “basic education” classes – what colleges in the US consider what is basically High-school review (math, science, history etc).

I have switched my major many many times and settled on one that encompassed the majority of my credits. I started in Graphic Design, then Journalism, Art, Web Development, Film – minors in photography, Spanish and even Arabic and have now settled on Arts and Letters with no minor. It’s basically a degree that takes all my art, photography, writing and film classes and shoves them into a mishmash. Whatever. I’ll have a Bachelors of arts with skills in lots of things so that works just fine. I’ll be finishing at just over $50k so.. I think I’m done. If I choose a specific major now, I’d owe 64k before I finish and be stuck in Portland for another year or so.

This term I have 2 film classes, Politics in Film, a political science class – American Film History, a collection of great great films that I’ve already seen and already written papers about (but nevertheless will be useful) and Intro to Science Fiction Writing. The writing class should be interesting since I haven’t had a creative writing class since high-school. I will probably opt to use one of my freakishly entertaining nightly dreams as the base of a story for the class. I may or may not post my film reviews (critical ones not “this film is about this and sucks” reviews) and fiction writing attempts on this blog, maybe once we have the categories sectioned out.

I will also be studying my Spanish a few hours a week and try to get my verbs dead set in my head in all forms with no doubt. I’ve taken 4 years of classes, lived in south America a year and have friends in Mexico who speak no English but verbs still make me change the way I say things sometimes – which is really annoying. If they didn’t have so many forms for every freakin verb it wouldn’t bother me. Anyway, I may also be teaching Ross along the way which I think will be really fun and a good way to keep me motivated to study.

First films on the list:
The Graduate

Chaplin’s Modern Times


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