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New Nerds on the Road Banner!

When we first started out on the road in our 1973 Class C Van one of our goals was to find a street/graffiti artist who would tag up the van for us with the Nerds on the Road website and logo. Unfortunately we upgraded to our trailer after 6 months, a while before we really reached any big cities where some talent might be found and ultimately decided against altering the trailer so we could easily resell it (of course that didn’t happen). After 4 years we haven’t even managed a custom licence plate cover.

So I’m happy to say that has changed, and we not only have a work of art with our name on it, we have an official NOTR banner (or as Ross calls it, “Blanket of Arms”)!

Created with the talented gifts of Isabel Anderson, Ross’s mom, this awesome and so perfectly thought out quilt represents us perfectly! It’s full of tons of camping, animals and nature, and a big sky full of stars to represent our love of all things nerdy! The logo itself was executed in a most perfect font and the top left corner on the back is signed by Isabel herself (in embroidery).

We had initially planned to hang it on the wall in our office so we can stare at it all day while we work, but we were told it’s meant to be used and so we shall! (with care).  It’s the perfect size and thickness for a picnic blanket and summer camping blanket, and in the winter, a lap blanket. For now it makes it will make its home on the back of our couch where the pets enjoy sitting and looking out the window looking at nature (or spying on neighbours, depending on where we are).

I can’t imagine a better banner for our little gaggle of geeks. Thanks so much Isabel!



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