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New Kidrobot Friends

One other kind of nerd I am that I didn’t mention in my “About me” page, is a Kidrobot toy nerd. Well, you can call them toys but they’re actually little works of art. Often the Dunnies, the ones I collect the most, are replicas of an artist painted original – so something like a print of art. They are however much cheaper than a print (in most cases) and they’re much freakin cuter. I have about 30 Dunnies, just a few Smorking Labbits and several various series members. This may sound like babble and nonsense to most of you but I’m posting photos of the newest members of my collection anyway. Ross sent me a care package from Portland, full of awesome rain-forest coffee, my Italian press, my skull and bones ice tray, Mexican gum I bought in Mexico, my Groucho Marx nose/glasses I like to wear when being serious and 2 surprise toys! (almost all Kidrobot toys come in mystery boxes with pictures on the side of what you could possibly get). These series are new to me, “Fortune Pork – Mini plush toys”  and “BoOoya Ghosts”.

Tado Frosty Friends plushie.


Pirate BoOoya


All I can say is Booya, made my damn day.

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